Aerospace Component Management

Aerospace components, as well as aerospace rotables and consumables have been supplied and managed by Northern Wings since 2001. Our aerospace component management services will ensure you are protected from suspected counterfeit intrusion and unapproved parts. 

Aerospace component services from Northern Wings provides you with top-of-the-line material control software and skilled professionals that sweat the finest details. Our aerospace component management services team works to provide you with exactly what you ordered, when and where you need it; all while following the chain of certifications to meet your industry-specific requirements. 

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Inventory Aerospace Component Management

Our aerospace component, rotables, and consumables team maintains an inventory of over 2,000 items and continually updates that stock to ensure we have the materials on hand for each of our customers. Serving as an Authorized Distributor for a variety of aerospace and general manufacturers, we work tirelessly to ensure your aerospace component needs are met and maintained. 

Component management for the aerospace industry from Northern Wings will provide you with the parts that meet both your needs and your quality requirements. We employ seasoned veterans on our aerospace component management team with experience to provide backup support to manage nearly any commodity program or component. 

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Aerospace Procurement Monitoring

Our seasoned aerospace component management team monitors and controls everything from aircraft engines to facility consumables through our advanced and connected software, allowing up-to-the-minute status reporting. We can also export relevant data and easily integrate into your current strategic aerospace component management monitoring plan. 

With aerospace component management services from Northern Wings, you get a value-added force multiplier for any program with an intense dedication to quality processes that will reduce the amount of rejections and delays at your receiving dock and expedite the movement to your user. 

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