Aerospace Procurement Services

Aerospace Procurement services provided by Northern Wings can be customized to meet your specific needs, whether that is for a rapid single purchase or a long-term contract. Our aerospace procurement team is includes trained specialists with expertise in meeting your aviation procurement contract needs. With aerospace procurement experience in packaging, preserving, and shipping government orders, your team can be sure everything will be handled in a timely manner with accurate delivery timelines based on reliable and dependable services from Northern Wings. 

In long-term contract aerospace procurement projects, we ensure reliable and on-time deliveries far into the future through the extensive logistical planning of our aerospace procurement team. Our procurement team for the aerospace industry at Northern Wings further assists in minimizing government storage and warehousing needs through careful and detailed planning of “just in time” deliveries. Northern Wings houses everything you need in our extensive, climate controlled storage space and we manage it all through our state-of-the-art tracking software, operated by our aerospace procurement experts. 

Relied on for full and short-term contracts

Aerospace Procurement Professionals 

We manage the specific parts you need and ensure they are always available on the shelf for simple aerospace procurement. Utilizing our aerospace procurement tracking software, we can provide your aviation procurement team with nearly up-to-the-minute status reporting and share relevant data with you as needed through the rapid purchase or long-term contract processes.

Our team of aerospace procurement professionals have a proven record of exceptional performance. We have a streamlined process for procurement in the aerospace industry that results in a reliable and value-added service for your aviation team. 

Partner with us to find out how to improve your aerospace procurement and supply chain performance. 

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