Quality at the core

The aerospace world has demands like no other. Failures can mean anything from loss of productivity to a life-threatening event. In any scenario, Northern Wings is up to the task. Our AS9100 certified Quality Management System is integrated throughout every element of our company operations. It begins with our state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows real-time monitoring and control of all business activities including product planning, purchasing, production control, manufacturing, delivery and service provision.

We reinforce quality through our intense and continuous training program. By working closely with our customers, we keep pace with emerging requirements and ensure the integrity of our products and the aerospace market. Northern Wings is a company built on quality.

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Enduring legacy

Northern Wings has been continually certified to AS9100 since 2008. We know you can’t rely simply on past success so we have taken every opportunity to remain ahead of evolving supply chain threats. Our risk-based planning allowed us to adapt quickly and establish a successful Counterfeit Parts Mitigation Plan. We have employed that to our customers’ advantage for several years.  

Our hardware and software systems are continually upgraded to preclude cyber intrusion. Training is developed and continuously refined in an effort to sustain vigilance against any threat to the aerospace market. The Northern Wings Team continues to develop our vision for the future and works to stay on the cutting edge of quality issues. 

Northern Wings history

Proven record. Exceptional performance.

A proven partner with an award-winning history. Reliability and value-added service. Streamlined procurement. How can Northern Wings help improve your supply chain performance?

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